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Künstlerkalender 2017
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Charles Bukowski
Love Is A Dog From Hell

ISBN: 978-0876853627
Broschur - 312 Seiten - HarperCollins
Erstveröffentlichung: 1977

Preis: 12,98 EUR

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Dt. Auswahl in: Western Avenue

Das Buch:
Die Gedichte hier entstanden während der Zeit, als Bukowski an seinem Roman 'Das Liebesleben der Hyäne' (='Women') schrieb. Das merkt man dem Material auch an. Es geht größtenteils um Beziehungen und wie sie nicht funktionieren. Aber auch die anderen Bukowski-Themen sind vertreten.


Sandra 15
you 17
the6footgoddess 18
I‘ve seen too many glazed-eyed bums 20
sexpot 21
sweet music 23
numb your ass and your brain and your heart— 24
one of the hottest 26
ashes 27
fuck 29
me 31
another bed 33
trapped 35
tonight 36
the escape 37
the drill 38
texan 39
the spider 41
the end of a short affair 43
moaning and groaning 46
an almost made up poem 47
blue cheese and chill peppers 49
problems about the other woman 51
T.M. 53
Bee‘s 5th 55
103 degrees 57
pacific telephone 59
22Spourtds 61
turnabout 63
one for old snaggle-tooth 65
communion 67
trying to get even: 69
Chicago 72
quiet clean giris in gingham dresses... 74
we will taste the islands and the sea 76

this poet 79
Winter 81
what they want 82
Iron Mike 83
guru 85
the professors 88
for Al— 90
how to be a great writer 92
the price 95
alone with everybody 97
the 2nd novel 99
Chopin Bukowski 101
gloomy lady 103
cockroach 105
who in the hell is Tom Jones? 106
defeat 108
traffic signals 109
462-0614 111
photographs 113
social 115
one to the breastplate 117
the worst and the best 119
coupons 121
luck 122
dog 123
trench warfare 124
the night 1 fucked my alarm clock 127
when 1 think of myself dead 128
Christmas eve, alone 129
there once was a woman who put her head into an oven 131
beds, toilets, you and me— 132
this then— 134
imagination and reality 135
stolen 137
the meek have inherited 139
the insane always loved me 140
Big Max 142
trapped 144
It‘s the way you play the game 145
on the continent 146
l2:18a.m. 148
yellow cab 150
how come you‘re not unlisted? 152
weather report 154
clean old man i s
something 156
a plate glass window 157
junkies 159
99toone 160
the crunch 162
a horse with greenblue eyes 165

Scarlet 169
red up and down 171
like a flower in the ram 173
light brown 175
huge ear rings 176
she came out of the bathroom 178
a killer 179
longshot 180
the promise 182
waving and waving goodbye 184
liberty 186
don‘t touch the giris 187
dark shades 189
prayer in bad weather 191
melancholia 193
a stethoscope case 195
eat your heart out 196
the retreat 198
I made a mistake 200

girls in pantyhose
up your yellow river
I have shit stains in my underwear too
Hawley‘s leaving town
an unkind poem
the bee
the most
ah ...
the girl on the bus stop bench
I ‘m getting back to where I was
a lovely couple
the strangest sight you ever did see—
in a neighborhood of murder
private first dass
love is a dog from hell
my groupie
now, if you were teaching creative writing
the good life
the Greek
my comrades
a change of habit
sitting in a sandwich joint
doom and siesta time
as crazy as I ever was
dead now
the place didn‘t look bad
the little girls
rain or shine
cold plums
girls coming home
some picnic
the good loser
an art
the girls at the green hotel
a good one
shit time
a 56 year old poem
the beautiful young girl walking past the graveyard—
my old man
little tigers everywhere
after the reading:
about cranes
a gold pocket watch
beach trip
one for the shoeshine man

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