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BUK-Jahrbuch-Bundle #2
BUK-Jahrbuch-Bundle #2
33,00 EUR
Charles Bukowski
The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills

ISBN: 978-0876850053
Broschur - 208 Seiten - HarperCollins
Erstveröffentlichung: 1969

Preis: 7,98 EUR

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Dt. Auswahl in: Western Avenue

Das Buch:
Ein bewegender Gedichtband aus den späten 60ern. Hat aber auch Material aus den frühen 60ern zu bieten, z.B. viele Gedichte für seine verstorbene Geliebte Jane Cooney Baker. Passt zusammen mit 'Mockingbird' (1972) hervorragend in die Lücke, die 'Burning in Water' (1955-73) offenlässt.


what a man I was
as the sparrow
his wife, the painter
down thru the marching
these things
poem for personnel managers
ice for the eagles
plea to a passing maid
waste basket
: : : the old movies
I taste the ashes of your death
for Jane: with all the love I had, which was not enough
Uruguay or hell
for Jane
conversation on a telephone
ants crawl my drunken arms
a literary discussion
for one I knew
when Hugo Wolf went mad—
a poem is a City
the cat
hermit in the city
all-yellow flowers
what seems to be the trouble, gentlemen?
spring swan
the moment of truth
on the fire suicides of the buddhists
a division
conversation with a lady sipping a straight shot
the way it will happen inside a can of peaches
scene in a tent outside the cotton fields of Bakersfield
night animal
on the train to Dei Mar
I thought of ships, of armies, hanging on
war and piece
18 cars full of men thinking of what could have been
the screw-game
a night of Mozart
sleeping woman
when you wait for the dawn to crawl through the screen like a burgiar to taice your life away
poem while looking at an encyclopedia
3 lovers
did I ever teil you?
song of my typewriter:
and the moon and the stars and the world
the sharks
fag, fag, fag
Ivan the Terrible
the bones of my uncle
a last shot on two good horses
no grounding in the classics
drawing of a band concert on a matchbox
bad night
down by the wings
one for the old man
a drawer of fish
L. Beethoven, half-back
these mad windows that taste life and cut me if I go through them
on getting famous and being asked: can you recite? can you be there at nine?
the great one
the days run away like wild horses over the hills
to hell with Robert Schumann
the seminar
one for Ging, with klux top
family, family
poem for the death of an American serviceman in Vietnam
guilt obsession behind a cloud of rockets
even the sun was afraid
on a grant
the underground
from the Dept. of English
footnote upon the constructjon of the masses
kaakaa & other immolatjons
a problem of temperament
the miracle
Mongolian coasts shining in light

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