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Künstlerkalender 2017
Künstlerkalender 2017
10,50 EUR
Charles Bukowski
The Roominghouse Madrigals

ISBN: 978-0876857328
Broschur - 264 Seiten - HarperCollins
Erstveröffentlichung: 1988

Preis: 7,98 EUR

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Das Buch:
Da Bukowskis sehr frühe Werke fest in den Händen der Sammler sind, wollte er hier nochmal einiges davon für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machen.

Stellenweise schlichtweg genial. Einige Klassiker darunter. Starkes Buch.


22,000 Dollars in 3 Months
On Seeing an Old Civil War Painting .
What to Do with Contributor‘s Copies?
Brave Bull
It‘s Not Who Lived Here
0, We Are the Outcasts
Poem for My 43rd Birthday
The Genius of the Crowd
4:30 A.M.
The Simplicity of Everything in Viet Nam
The Night They Took Whitey
The Japanese Wife
Sundays Kill More Men Than Bombs
The Loser
On a Night You Don‘t Sleep
An Empire of Coins
All I Know
On Going Back to the Street
The Dogs of Egypt
Old Man, Dead in a Room
Love Is a Piece of Paper Torn to Bits
Big Bastard with a Sword
About My Very Tortured Friend, Peter
Not Quite So Soon
I Wait in the White Ram
I Cannot Stand Tears
Horse on Fire
Mother and Son
The Day I Kicked Away a Bankroll
The Dogs
Imbecile Night
A Kind of Lecture
The Gift
Object Lesson
Hello, Willie Shoemaker
The Literary Life
Death Wants More Death
10 Lions and the End of the World
The Blackbirds Are Rough Today
A Word on the Quick and Modern Poem-Makers
I Have Lived in England
Farewell, Foolish Objects
A Report Upon the Consumption of Myself
Interviewed by a Guggenheim Recipient
The Look:
One Night Stand
Poem to a Most Affectionate Lady
Parts of an Opera, Parts of a Guitar
Letter from the North
The Best Way to Get Famous Is to Run Away
The Kings Are Gone
Reprieve and Admixture
The Swans Walk My Brain.
The End
A Farewell Thing While Breathing
Sad-Eyed Mules of Men
Dear Friend
A Conversation on Morality
Notations from a Muddled Indolence
Nothing Subtle
I Don‘t Need a Becisheet with Slits for Eyes
86‘ d
The Ants
3:30 A.M. Conversation
Cows in Art Ciass
I Kneel
Freedom: The Unmolested Eagle of Myseif
Singing is Fire
The Sun Wields Mercy
On the Failure of a Poet
The Beast
A Rat Rises
The Man with the lot Nose
Hangover and Sick Leave
Mercy, Wherever You Are
lt‘s Nothing to Laugh About
35 Seconds
Regard Me
With Vengeance Like a Tiger Crawls
Itch, Come and Gone
2 Outside, As Bones Break in My Kitchen
Saying Goodbye to Love
You Smoke a Cigarette
...American Express, Athens, Greece
One Hundred and Ninety-Nine Pounds
I Write This Upon the Last Drink‘s Hammer
Poem for Liz
A Nice Place
Wrong Number
When the Berry Bush Dies
Face While Shaving
9 Rings
Somebody Always Breaking My Dainty Solitude
Thank God for Alleys
The Millionaire
Dow Jones: Down
As 1 Lay Dying
A Minor Impulse to Complain Buffalo Bill
I Am Visited by an Editor and a Poet
The Mexican Giris
The New Place
Conversation in a Cheap Room
I Was Born to Hustle Roses Down the Avenues of the Dead
Winter Comes to a Lot of Places in August
Bring Down the Beams
I Am with the Roots of Flowers
Monday Beach, Cold Day
The High-Rise of the New World
The Gypsies Near Del Mar
6 A.M.
A Trick to Dull Our Bleeding
Rose, Rose
Spain Sits Like a Hidden Flower in My Coffeepot
Eaten by Butterflies
Destroying Beauty

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